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Iteration #3

[1] what did you accomplish last week? I added links for all of my pages and created a map.  I changed the look of the layout several times.  Have a domain name for the site. [2] what are your goals for next week? Have better photos added for the Home page.  Have my CSS completed … Continue reading

Project Proposal

I would like to create a website for the community group, East Humboldt Park. Background: East Humboldt Park is the name taken up by a small group of community activists that live in the area east of Humbolt Park and west of Western Avenue.  This group seeks to organize community events that improve the livability … Continue reading

Lauer Response

Claire Lauer’s article, ‘Contending with Terms: “Multimodal” and “Multimedia” in the Academic and Public Spheres’, analyzes the use of  two terms: multimodal and multimedia.  While both terms have slightly different meanings (multimodal being the process of message creating, multimedia the production of a message), the choice of which term to use is largely dependent on … Continue reading

McCloud Examples

Montage Parallel Additive Duo Specific Picture Specific Word Specific

Chicago is a new media kinda town…

From the multitude of digital ad agencies that call Chicago home to the ability to download the Tribune onto your kindle, Chicago is a new media kind of town.Chicago’s urban landscape attracts a young and generally more media savvy resident.  With a median age just over 30, today’s Chicagoan has grown up being connected to … Continue reading


In his book, “Multimodailty”, Gunther Kress examines the need for a multimodal theory of communication, far more complex and encompassing than many previous theories.  His theory is that not only is communication multimodal, but it is also influenced by complex social forces which shape how messages are constructed and interpreted. Kress was thorough in arguing that meaning … Continue reading